Oak AB 3-Invisible UV Lacquer
723170063L – 3mm x 14x189x1900mm


Face Veneer Grading

Description AB Grade
Moisture Content 8% +/- 1%
Blue Stain / Black Stain Minimal allowed
Pitch/Mineral Streak Occasional allowed
Open End Split Not allowed
Filled End Split Permit occasional
Sound Knot Allowed: Max 20mm diameter
Knot Clusters Allowed
Dead Knot Occasional up to 10mm – filled if necessary. Permits small pin knots unfilled



Crack Allowed: max 2mm putty filled
Sap Wood Allowed: up to 35% of face
Color Contrast Allowed minimal
Worm Hole Occasionally allowed -Treated and putty filled
Crack in Sound Knot Putty Filled
Rot Not allowed
Rot / Residual Colour Little allowed

Additional information


Description, Standard
Face M.C. 8 +/- 1%
Back M.C. 6 +/- 1%
Grading Grading Std.
Banana>1222mm Max 0.4mm
Bowing>1222mm Max 10mm
Cup Max 1mm
Twist Not allow


Description, Standard
Machining Defect Not allow
Splinter Not allow
Length (+)/-1mm
Width (+)/-0.2mm
Thickness (+)/-0.2mm
Face Layer 3.5+/-0.1mm
Squareness Max 0.15mm
Tongue 0/-0.05mm
Groove (+)/-0.05mm
Gap in face Not allow

Two sides Max 0.3mm
Two ends Max 0.15mm
Overwood Max 0.1mm


Description, Standard
Gross (+)/-5%
Color Color panel
Finishing defect Not allow
Putty mark Not allow
Adhesion 3 hrs Din-Min GT3
Adhesion 24 hrs Din-Min GT0
Delamination Not allow
Chisel test No glue line


Description, Standard
Papercards with label at the ends
Shrink warp PE bag
8pcs/ctns (6 layers of long length and 2 layers of shorts)