Oak Millrun 3-Layer Invisible UV Lacquer
723170067L – 3mm x 14x189x1900mm


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Face Veneer Grading

Description AB Grade Millrun Grade
Moisture Content 8% +/- 1% 8% +/- 1%
Blue Stain / Black Stain Minimal allowed Little allowed
Pitch/Mineral Streak Occasional allowed Allowed
Open End Split Not allowed Allowed: 1mm max 100mm
Filled End Split Permit occasional Allowed: Filled
Sound Knot Allowed: Max 20mm diameter Allowed: Max 60mm diameter
Knot Clusters Allowed Allowed
Dead Knot Occasional up to 10mm – filled if necessary. Permits small pin knots unfilled Allowed: Max 35mm diameter


Crack Allowed: max 2mm putty filled
Sap Wood Allowed: up to 35% of face
Color Contrast Allowed
Worm Hole Treated and Putty filled
Crack in Sound Knot Putty Filled
Rot / Residual Colour Little allowed

Additional information

Product Specification

Product: Engineered 1-strip flooring Invisible Lacquer
* Construction: 3-Layer Engineered Flooring
Face: Hardwood species, 3 mm
Core: Chinese Poplar, 9 mm
Back: Chinese Poplar 2 mm

Size: 14mm x 189mm x 1900 mm
Pack size :2.873m2

* Origin: China
* Species: White Oak
* Coating: BERGOLIN
* Coating Rate: (Invisible Lacquer)
Water base 1: 25 g/m2
Water base 2: 15 g/m2
Base Coat 1: 20 g/m2
Base Coat 2: 20 g/m2
Top Coat 1: 5 g/m2
Top Coat 2: 5 g/m2
Total: 90 g/m2
* Glue: Dyno = Norway
* Machinery: Profile Michael Weinig
Grooving Michael Weinig + Hydromat
Tongue & Groove Torwegge
Lacquering Line Hackamack + Burkle
* Quality Standard:
Moisture Content: 8 – 10%
Conformed to International Quality Standard
Formaldehyde Emission: Pr – ENV717 – 1. E1
Lamination: ANSI / HPMA – LHF 1987
Chemical: DIN 68861 Part 1