White Oak ABCD Brushed/Stained/White Lac Herringbone
723171000L – 15x120x600mm


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1 strip 3mm x 15x120x600mm White Oak ABCD Brushed/Stained/White Lac Herringbone


Product Specification Description
Construction Multi-Layer Engineered Flooring
Face: Oak Hardwood species, 3 mm
Core: Chinese Poplar Plywood, 10 mm
Back: Chinese Poplar 2 mm
Size 15(3) mm x 120mm x 600mm
Orgin China
Coating Rate Water base 1: 25 g/m2
Base Coat 1: 20 g/m2
Base Coat 2: 20 g/m2
Base Coat 3: 20 g/m2
Top Coat 1: 10-12 g/m2
Top Coat 2: 10-12 g/m2
Total: 100-109 g/m2
Glue Dyno = Norway
Machinery Profile Michael Weinig
Grooving Michael Weinig + Hydromat
Tongue & Groove Torwegge
Lacquering Line Hackamack + Burkle
Quality Standard Conformed to CE Quality Standard EN14342:2013
Moisture Content: 8 – 10%
Formaldehyde Emission: Pr – ENV717 – 1. E1
Emission of Pentachlorophenol: < 5ppm
Biological Durability: Class 1
Breaking Strength: 1.45 kN
Slipperiness: USRV 60
Thermal Conductivity: 0,126 W/(mK)
Structural Performance Features Micro bevel edge (on 4 sides)
Engineering Structure. No warping
Six-layer UV lacquer Resistance to wear and fire
Perfectly bonded. No delamination
Sturdy and durable
Ready to be installed
Easy to maintain
Environmentally friendly
Warmth and elegant